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Women in Golf

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What is the Women in Golf Programme?

This unique programme:

The Irish Ladies Golf Union along with the Irish Sports Council are working together to implement the “Women in Golf” programme which is geared to women who are complete beginners (not existing members of a golf club). It is aimed at increasing the number of women and girls participating in golf and in particular joining golf clubs and becoming regular active players.

In 2008, ILGU membership figures show that 80% of golf clubs have vacancies for female members (women and girls).

To help promote the wide range of opportunities that are available for females of all ages, the ILGU is working alongside golf clubs to increase membership and support greater participation by women in golf.

The ILGU will help Clubs interested in increasing their female membership by facilitating a “Women in Golf” programme at their club.

The Programme will:

How can clubs apply for the programme?

For more information please contact:
Irish Ladies Golf Union, 103-105 Q House, 76 Furze Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18
Tel: 01 2934833 Email:

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