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    ClubFixture TypeStart DateEnd Date
    BangorThree Lady Team02/09/2014
    Ballyneety3 Ball Rumble03/09/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford03/09/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's04/09/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford05/09/2014
    Bantry Bay3 Ball Event07/09/2014
    Bandon3 Ball Event10/09/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford10/09/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's11/09/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford12/09/2014
    Balbriggan2 Lady Team14/09/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford17/09/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's18/09/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford19/09/2014
    BlainroeSenior Open - Over 50's19/09/2014
    BallyclareLadies & Gents - Stableford21/09/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford24/09/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's25/09/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford26/09/2014
    Beech ParkLadies & Gents - Stableford28/09/2014
    BirrSingles Stableford28/09/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford01/10/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's02/10/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford03/10/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford08/10/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's09/10/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford10/10/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford15/10/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's16/10/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford17/10/2014
    BlainroeSenior Open - Over 50's17/10/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford22/10/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's23/10/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford24/10/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford29/10/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's30/10/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford31/10/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford05/11/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's06/11/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford07/11/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford12/11/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's13/11/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford14/11/2014
    BlainroeSenior Open - Over 50's14/11/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford19/11/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's20/11/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford21/11/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford26/11/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's27/11/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford28/11/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford03/12/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's04/12/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford05/12/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford10/12/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's11/12/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford12/12/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford17/12/2014
    Black BushSenior Open - Over 50's18/12/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford19/12/2014
    Black BushLadies & Gents - Stableford24/12/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford26/12/2014
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford02/01/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford09/01/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford16/01/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford23/01/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford30/01/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford06/02/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford13/02/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford20/02/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford27/02/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford06/03/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford13/03/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford20/03/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford27/03/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford03/04/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford10/04/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford17/04/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford24/04/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford01/05/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford08/05/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford15/05/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford22/05/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford29/05/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford05/06/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford12/06/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford19/06/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford26/06/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford03/07/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford10/07/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford17/07/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford24/07/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford31/07/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford07/08/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford14/08/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford21/08/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford28/08/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford04/09/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford11/09/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford18/09/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford25/09/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford02/10/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford09/10/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford16/10/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford23/10/2015
    BallinrobeSingles Stableford30/10/2015


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