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AIG Irish Senior Cup (Munster)

(Closing date 16/04/2014 23:00:00)



Killarney (Killeen) Golf Club 10th May 2014

A team MUST consist of at 5 players.
The 16 teams with the 5 lowest aggregate handicaps will be accepted.

The format is 5 singles matches played off scratch.
The names of the players, in order of handicap, should be submitted to the Tournament Director no later than 40 minutes before each team's first match and no later than 30 minutes before subsequent matches.

Should a player whose name has already been submitted, be incapacitated by illness, accident or other unavoidable occurrence, a reserve may be substituted up to the time the player is due to start from the first tee. The reserve shall play in order of handicap. If any match has started, the reserve shall play in order of handicap of the remaining players. If a reserve is not available the match concerned must be conceded.

On the day of Competition or in subsequent rounds, the Team Captain may use any number of reserves if desired who do not need to be in the handicap range/ limit.  

The Seeding for District Matches will be based on the Winners, 2nd, 3rd and 4th from the previous year. 3rd and 4th will be decided by lot. All byes shall be decided by lot. Seeded teams do not automatically receive a Bye. An Open Draw will determine the first round match pairings.

Ref ILGU Handbook 2014 for competition conditions and regulations
pages 40/41

Entry form on website

€40 cheques payable to Munster District ILGU and forwarded by 16th April 2014 to:

District Tournament Secretary

Ms. Lorraine Peevers, Glengarry, Caherbreagh, Tralee, Co. Kerry










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