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Private Home Care Inter-Club Championships

The National Finals of the 2014 Private Home Care Inter-Club Championships will take place at Monkstown Golf Club, Cork from the 24th - 27th Setember 2014.


Wednesday 24 September 2014
11.00                    Intermediate Cup Quarter Final : Milltown v- Wicklow
11:50                    Minor Cup Quarter Final :  East Cork v- Galway
12:40                    Senior Foursomes Quarter Finals : Enniscorthy v- Killarney
Thursday 25 September 2014
08:00                    Intermediate Cup Semi Final :  Milltown/Wicklow v- East Cork
08:45                    Intermediate Cup Semi Final :  Co. Longford v- Edenmore
09:30                    Minor Cup Semi Final :  Wicklow v- Ballyclare
10:15                    Minor Cup Semi Final :  East Cork / Galway v- Glen of the Downs
11:00                    Senior Foursomes Semi Final : Dun Laoghaire v- Roscommon
11:30                    Senior Foursomes Semi Final : Enniscorthy/Killarney v- Malone
12:00                    Junior Cup Quarter Final : Castlebar v- Lurgan
12:45                    Challenge Cup Quarter Final :  Co. Tipperary v- Galway Bay
13:30                    Junior Foursomes Quarter Final : Corrstown v- Borris

Friday 26 September 2014
08:00                    Junior Foursomes Semi Final : Edenmore v- East Cork
08:30                    Junior Foursomes Semi Final : Corrstown/Borris v- Gort
09:00                    Junior Cup Semi Final : Kilkenny v- Dooks
09:45                    Junior Cup Semi Final :  Castlebar/Lurgan v- Milltown
10:30                    Challenge Cup Semi Final :  Co. Tipperary/Galway Bay v- Co. Armagh
11:15                    Challenge Cup Semi Final : Greystones v- Castle Barna
12:15                    Senior Foursomes Final :
12:45                    Minor Cup Final :
13:30                    Intermediate Cup Final :

Saturday 27 September 2014
10:00                    Junior Foursomes Final :
10:40                    Junior Cup Final :
11:30                    Challenge Cup Final :

Tournament Information
The handicap ranges for the 2014 singles and foursomes Private Home Care Inter-Club Championships are as follows;

Junior Cup hcap 8 15
Intermediate Cup hcap 16 22
Minor Cup hcap 23 28
Challenge Cup hcap 29 36
Senior Foursomes Minimum combined 14. Maximum combined does not apply. 
Junior Foursomes hcap 15 upwards with Minimum combined 35.  Maximum combined does not apply.

Teams must play in order of handicap/combined handicap with no shots conceded.

See right navi bar for Conditions of Competition (National).

Please see your relevant District section of this website for District draws, District Finals etc.


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